Our twice-monthly class days are a vital part of Legacy Christian Academy. We want a place where you, the parent-educator, will find encouragement and support while providing enrichment socially and academically for your children. Each parent will teach/co-teach during two class periods with one class period as your “off ” time. We are excited to see your skills, talents and interests reflected in the class day schedule and know that as you give, you will be blessed with receiving. Parents and children alike will build lasting friendships from the Legacy community.


Check-in begins at 9:20. Please be sure to arrive on time to ensure your family is checked in and ready for the opening at 9:30am. Our annual calendar with class dates can be found here.


We begin the day at 9:30 a.m. with prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, announcements, and a devotion or special guest.


Classes begin at 10am. There are three 50-minute periods with a lunch break between the second and third. We offer a selection of both enrichment and academic classes for Kindergarten through High School. We have a nursery and preschool program (newborn to 5 yrs old) staffed by LCA moms to care for your little ones while you are working with your teaching team.


Lunch runs from 11:50-12:30. Please be sure to pack your family’s lunch, we will have a designated area for cooler bags and lunch boxes. Lunch is a great time to interact with other families.

Parent Fellowship:

LCA offers a parent fellowship area with coffee, water and amazing snacks. This area serves as a place to provide fellowship, offer encouragement, and build friendships with other LCA parents during your “off ” period.


From 1:30-1:45, after the 3rd period is over, everyone is expected to help clean up and make sure the facility is in its original condition or better. There will be a specific clean-up assignment sheet for the clean-up team.