Photo Credit: Kia Bondurant, Photographers

Randy and Liz Mains have been married since 1997 and moved from Southern California to the Kansas City area the same year. They have been teaching their four children at home since 2007 when their eldest daughter turned five. Through God’s perfect timing, they founded Legacy Christian Academy as a way to draw home educators and their families together to support and encourage one another in this extraordinary journey.
Liz was home educated from 5th grade through high school graduation in Southern California along with four of her six siblings.  Her family was actively involved in a homeschool organization similar to Legacy Christian Academy, which was influential in her and Randy’s dream to recreate something comparable for the Kansas City area. Growing up, she appreciated the friendships that were formed along with the many activities that the homeschool organization provided. In addition, Liz’s parents  were able to maintain the unique and personal education that homeschooling affords.  As the primary educator in her own home, she and Randy desire to see their children benefit from these same opportunities and experiences.